I would like to start by saying thank you the 1 person who was the motivation behind me creating this Site and of wanting to make it more than just a single page.
So thank you to my best and most dear friend............ :).

But also my thanks to all those who took the time to add their thoughts to my site. I hope that in time many more will feel free and comfortable to add their personal experience to this Site.

The information on this Site is based upon the information I came across online and my own experiences and insights into the matter. Some of my own findings have been proved right when I looked at some of the professional research, the insight just came via a different way. This being the way of being a sufferer, having my friend explain to me how he sees this and having talked to quite a few people in the light of a Support Group I am part of online.

The main source that I looked into and that influenced me or backed my own ideas up most, is the work of Dr. Randy Frost.

Since I have started my "research", I came across many sites during the past few years, which makes it impossible for me to remember which information I found where. So in a way, the link- section functions somewhat as a reference (Although I didn't use any of the information I found on some sites.).

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